Online DUI Courses

online_traffic_coursesAdd up the average costs associated with a first-time DUI Arrest and listen to your wallet scream OUCH……

  • Court fine – $1000+
  • Attorney – $2000+
  • Alcohol and Drug Education – $100+
  • Victim Impact Panel – $50
  • Drivers License reinstatement fee – $100
  • Victim Compensation Civil Penalty – $35
  • SR-22 Certificate of Insurance – $150 – $250 for three years on top of increased insurance premiums
  • A BAL of .18 at the time of arrest results in a mandatory alcohol evaluation that costs approximately $200

Attorney fees will also be raised substantially, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000, more if a death resulted from driving impaired.  Yes, a DUI conviction is extremely expensive, but a DUI course for alcohol and drug education doesn’t have to be.

A quick comparison of online DUI Level 1 courses show a range – between $93 the price of the course and $225, the price charged for the most-expensive online course. All 8 hour DUI Level 1 courses, whether they are offered online or in a classroom setting, must contain drug and alcohol education as mandated by a state’s department or bureau of motor vehicles. The information is standard – every course follows the same curriculum. So why the range in prices? The answer is simple: each course provider has the descretion to set their prices. At ABC Drive Safely, we believe the price tag for a first-time DUI offender is expensive enough without us having to gouge an almost empty wallet. Our intentions are to make DUI education as affordable as possible to anyone wanting to learn how drugs and alcohol affect a driver’s capabilities of safe driving, and most importantly how a DUI can impact lives.

Ready to get on the road to becoming a better driver?  Visit us online at and choose the traffic course that is right for you! Now the best online DUI Level 1 course is also the least expensive…….