Hit & Run – Against the law in all states



“Hit and Run” leaves tractor in ditch and driver dead


Hit and Run, or Leaving the Scene of an Accident,  is not just against the law, it is not good karma. And in the end, they always get their man, even if it is with a warrant. Take the case of former Bachelor reality star Chris Soules. According to police reports, Soules’ truck collided with a tractor, killing the driver. Although Soules was not charged with driving under the influence, Buchanan County (Iowa) Sheriffs charged him with allegedly leaving the scene of a fatal car accident that left one individual dead.

The media announced the story as a freak accident. It was thought that the deceased driver of the tractor was going home from a long day at work – it’s corn-planting season in Iowa – when the defendant plowed into the back of his tractor, sending both vehicles into roadside ditches. Accidentally harming another human being, and in this case causing the death of an innocent victim, is one of the most distressing experiences most of us can ever imagine. The experience can trigger a wide range of emotional and cognitive difficulties, and no one is immune. We hear of cases all the time of people who know the law and leave the scene of an accident anyway – from judges to certified driver instructors.  Causing a fatal collision is a major trauma –  the offender may feel numb, disconnected, detached, or dissociated from the scene, and even from themselves. Fear jumps to the top of the list for most offenders.  But these are no defense for leaving the scene of a car crash, and more-so if there are fatalities involved.

It is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident. Nevada law requires both drivers to stay on the scene, even if the collision or crash is not their fault. If either driver willfully leaves, they are committing a crime.

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