Beverly Hills noted for something else besides A-listers

“Attempted murder” was the charge for two women in Beverly Hills for an incident described as road rage. The suspects have been identified as Jamika Marie Abair, 22, and Sarah Huerta, 19. Both are currently being held on a $2 million bail. The incident caught on tape  took place in a shopping center parking lot after an argument over littering, where the black car slammed the man into a side rail before driving off. The victim was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Another Beverly Hills road rage episode took place in 2013 was not so lucky. Sasha Gibson was killed and three occupants of her car landed in the hospital with injuries that have been termed non-life threatening when a Mercedes slammed into the unsuspecting victims. Police suspected drugs or alcohol were involved.


Beverly Hills road rage incident (Source:  Canyon News)

Witnesses reported that the fatal crash was proceeded by a road rage incident in which the Mercedes had a hit-and-run collision with a taxi cab. “Speeding off from the scene of the first crash, the Mercedes Benz plowed into the the victim’s car, a number of trees, and a concrete wall,” the newspaper reported. Apparently Gibson was not wearing her seat belt.

In a second Beverly Hills incident that same year, police were on the lookout for a suspect of road rage for attempted murder when surveillance cameras caught a white BMW car ramming the victim on a bicycle against a garbage bin. The victim had gotten into a dispute with the driver, lost his cool and punched the suspect in the face. The driver then chased the bicyclist into the alley, tried to kill the victim and then peeled away.


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